Gangrene Treatment in Aurangabad

What is Gangrene?

Gangrene, a severe medical condition, develops when body tissues start to decay due to either inadequate blood supply or bacterial infection. This condition demands urgent medical intervention, and for individuals in the Aurangabad area, seeking prompt Gangrene Treatment in Aurangabad is crucial to address this life-threatening ailment effectively.

Types of Gangrene

There are various types of gangrene, and understanding them is essential, especially if you're seeking Gangrene Treatment in Aurangabad :

Dry Gangrene:

This form develops when blood supply to a specific area is disrupted, resulting in tissue death without infection. It often appears black or brown and tends to be less painful.

Wet Gangrene:

Wet gangrene is characterized by swollen, discolored tissue that emits a foul odor due to infection. It can be excruciatingly painful and requires immediate medical attention.

Gas Gangrene:

Gas gangrene is caused by specific bacteria that release gas within affected tissues. It can progress rapidly and poses extreme danger, making urgent Gangrene Treatment in Aurangabad imperative.

Internal Gangrene:

This type occurs when blood flow is obstructed within the body, affecting internal organs. It may not be immediately visible but is a potentially life-threatening condition. Timely intervention is crucial, so seeking specialized Gangrene Treatment in Aurangabad is essential to address it effectively.

Symptoms of gangrene can vary depending on the type and stage of the condition, but common signs and symptoms include:


Gangrene often causes severe, throbbing, or constant pain at the affected site. The pain may start suddenly and can be intense.

Skin Changes:

The skin over the affected area may undergo noticeable changes, including: Discoloration, Swelling, Blisters, Skin Sensation

Foul Odor:

In cases of wet gangrene, a foul-smelling discharge may be present due to the infection.

Fever and Chills:

If the gangrene is associated with an infection, you may develop a fever, feel generally unwell, and experience chills.

Loss of Function:

Depending on the location and extent of gangrene, you may experience a loss of function in the affected body part. For example, if it affects a limb, you may lose the ability to move or use that limb.

Tissue Necrosis:

In advanced stages, gangrene causes tissue death (necrosis), which can result in the skin becoming cold, hard, and non-responsive to touch.

Dr. Vivek Vijaykumar Jaju
Vascular Surgeon in Aurangabad.

MBBS MD FVIR (Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai)

Namaste, Myself Dr. Vivek Vijaykumar Jaju. I am an Endovascular and Interventional Radiologist .At Jaju Clinic, I am practicing as an vascular surgeon in Aurangabad I specialize in treating vascular related diseases and cancers with a small needle prick using high end Radiological imaging for continuous visualization without need to perform any major surgery. This advanced technology is aimed at significantly decreasing the chances and severity of possible surgical complications and increase the after procedure quality of life of the patient.

Treatments for Gangrene

When seeking Gangrene Treatment in Aurangabad , you can rely on the expertise at Jaju Endovascular Clinic , led by Dr. Vivek Vijaykumar Jaju, MBBS MD FVIR (Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai). The treatments for gangrene provided at this reputable clinic encompass:


Expert surgical interventions are performed to remove dead tissue, preventing the spread of infection.


Targeted antibiotic therapy is administered to treat existing infections or prevent further bacterial invasion.

Wound Care:

Diligent wound care practices are employed, ensuring the affected area remains clean and undergoes regular dressing changes for optimal healing.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:

This specialized therapy, available at Jaju Endovascular Clinic, involves increasing oxygen levels to facilitate tissue healing.


In severe cases where gangrene threatens a person's life, amputation may be a necessary and life-saving measure.

Trust in the comprehensive Gangrene Treatment in Aurangabad provided by Jaju Endovascular Clinic, under the expert care of Dr. Vivek Vijaykumar Jaju, to ensure the best possible outcome for this serious medical condition.

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Expert Care for Gangrene Treatment in Aurangabad

If you or a loved one is seeking advanced and compassionate care for gangrene, we are here to help. Dr. Vivek Vijaykumar Jaju, an esteemed specialist with extensive experience in vascular and endovascular procedures, offers specialized treatment for gangrene at Jaju Endovascular Clinic in Aurangabad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gangrene is typically diagnosed through physical examination, imaging tests, and laboratory analysis of tissue samples.
Risk factors include diabetes, poor circulation, injury, and certain medical conditions.
Maintaining good hygiene, managing underlying health conditions, and seeking prompt medical attention for injuries can help prevent gangrene.
Seek immediate medical attention. Contact Dr Vivek Jaju at Jajuclinic for expert care.
Gangrene can become life-threatening if left untreated. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial.