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Our Specialties

At Jaju Clinic, the individual needs of our patients and their families are our first priority. Skin Treatment, Minimally invasive endovascular treatment of Varicose Veins as well as all vascular disorders are the specialties of our clinic.

Best leg swelling (DVT) treatment in Aurangabad - Jaju Clinic

We specialize in diagnosing and treating your skin diseases, hair problems, Leprosy as well as Sexually Transmitted Diseases !!

Best leg swelling (DVT) treatment in Aurangabad - Jaju Clinic
Endovascular Treatment

We specialize in treating diseases that have the vascular disorder as their core issue using a minimally invasive endovascular (through the blood vessel) approach through just a small needle prick without the need to perform any major surgery.

Best varicose veins treatment-Jaju Clinic
Varicose Veins

Those big swollen veins under your leg skin must be treated before it’s too late !! We specialize in using high-end Endovascular Minimally invasive technology to completely treat them so that these won't ever bother you again.

About Us

Skin Clinic

At Jaju Skin Clinic, we provide complete medical and procedural solutions for all your skin and hair diseases. Well equipped with high-end LASERs, we also provide aesthetic (Cosmetic) treatment..

Endovascular Clinic

varicose veins treatment in Aurangabad

Jaju Endovascular Clinic is a distinguished and well-equipped Interventional Radiology center specializing in minimally invasive treatment options for various vascular and related diseases. Our dedicated team offers unique needle-guided treatments, sparing patients from major surgeries while maximizing treatment effectiveness. At Jaju Clinic, we are renowned for providing the best varicose veins treatment in Aurangabad and top-quality leg swelling DVT treatment in Aurangabad. In addition to these specialties, we also offer expert care for Leg Wound and Ulcer Treatment in Aurangabad . If you're seeking the expertise of an Interventional Radiologist in Aurangabad , look no further – our clinic is your trusted destination for comprehensive, minimally invasive vascular care.

  • Minimally invasive - All treatment is done through just a small needle prick. No cuts or stitches are required.
Treatments offered

Treatments offered

Best leg swelling (DVT) treatment in Aurangabad - Jaju Clinic

Happy patients

Best leg swelling (DVT) treatment in Aurangabad - Jaju Clinic


Best varicose veins treatment-Jaju Clinic

Years of Experience

Best varicose veins treatment-Jaju Clinic

Speciality services

Best varicose veins treatment-Jaju Clinic
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Our Reviews
Reviews From Patients

what our patients are saying about us.


"I was suffering from varicose vein ulcers in my both legs in January 2021. My 3 Operations for varicose vein ulcers already done before.it was very painful period for me. Dr. Vivek Jaju treated me with his new dressing system. I think this dressing system is very useful for varicose ulcer. I got ok within a month. I advise varicose vein ulcers patient to once visit dr.jaju and see the difference. Dr. jaju is a energetic person and fills a confidence in patient that he can be ok here. Dr. jaju is a god in human.i wish him a good wishes to treat patients for this very painful illness."

Sunil Naik


"Dr. Vivek Jaju साहेबांचे खूप खूप dhanyawad... आमच्या आईला खूप दिवसापासून पायाच्या रक्त वाहिन्यांचा आजार होता. अनेक ठिकाणी उपचार घेतले. पण डॉक्टर साहेबांनी खूप चांगल्या पद्धतीने उपचार करून आमच्या आईचे मनोबल वाढविले. त्यामुळे खूप कमी वेळेत खूप चांगला परिणाम दिसून आला....."

Unique Public School

"I visited Dr. Ankita all the way from USA. I have been facing adult acne since a year and tried various 'over the counter' treatments. I also tried antibiotics prescribed by the Dermatologist in the US. But nothing worked for my skin. I heard about her and consulted her virtually. And then visited her in person when I came to India. My skin has already improved and acne is almost gone. Her treatment has worked great for me. She also educates her patients about their problems and possible solutions. I definitely would recommend her."

Disha Nathani